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How many of you are satisfied with my Loonatania Group and if not comment what I need to do to make it right? 

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Tausha May Bush
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
I'm a freeeaaak and obsessed with Cartoons are ya feeling me? I love the Looney Tunes, Loonatics, Disney, Hanna - Barbara's, Chuck Jones cartoons and even ANIME or MANGA!! You juz' name it!!

Despite of my Dark past as a child was never as perfect as you ya'll think. I came from a broken family with nothing but abuse and the left out of the family who has nothing to do with ya. You feel like you're invisible that you talk to your imaginary friend or stuff animal although they won't talk back at ya. That's what my childhood was like not feeling the love that I was a rotten little kid. I wasn't a bad little kid I was raised that way and being forced to work at a young age. Don't hardly see my biological father around. And mom and dad both have two different stories telling me why they were separated but for some reason I didn't believe on either and thinking that I will never find the truth. Right after my horrific experience as a young pre teen to a young teenager, I went through depression and caused myself to have a eating disorder either starving or making myself sick. I've been abuse as a little girl. I was raped in such a young age of 12 - 13 years old. At one point in my young life going through the emotions and being bullied and rumors about me in Middle School and horror at home where no one believed me except for my brother. One night I had thoughts of committing suicide because of what I was put through and I couldn't take the pain anymore. Then that same night I realized I can't end my life. So I ran away instead to get away from danger which someway it worked because after I was takin' from my mother she some what realized that she should of been a better mother to take care of my siblings and I. Since I was so so overprotective of my siblings I never wanted them to feel the same pain like I had. I wanted to protect them. Sooner or later I was sent home with my mother. I had grew up with mother for close to 21 years and finally I'm on my own living a new life and happy. I graduated from High School in 2011. I go to College. As for me watching cartoons for 21 years of my life is what kept me alive. They're wicked funny and that's what makes me happy. Now I want to be a cartoonist also and hopefully who needs a help in need. I am there or always tell someone if there's something wrong just please... Don't hurt yourself or kill yourself. You do have others out there who loves you. I get sad now a days about others killing or hurting themselves 'cuz of this. So please get help or look up to someone who cares for you! Thanks :D

Journal History

Loonatics Unleashed Season 2 episodes list

Episode 1: Villains in the house : Parody to Disney's House of Villains but with a little twist. :evil laugh:

Episode 2: A Tasmanian Wedding : The Loonatics meets Natiles family for the first time and Slams rambunctious family to meet each other so let's see of how they'll get along. In long the way something lurks into that tries to tear others apart will Slam and Natile try to bring all together before it's to late and ruins their crashing wedding??  

Episode 3: The Evil Doll : Roxy falls in love with a doll and is unaware of the doll is possessed so it possesses Roxy where she really attached to it more than Rip. It gets real deep when Rip takes it the hard way when he saw the possessed Roxy kisses Tiron the Road Runner. When Rip felt hurt by Roxy's actions when he was about to break up than he realizes that wasn't Roxy it was the doll had been possessing Roxy all along so he and the Loonatics had to stop the doll and Roxy before Roxy is possessed to desire to attempt to kill the Loonatics. Towards the end Roxy has no memory of the doll or kissing Tiron which to Rip it was a relief because he had his gal back. But it does has twist and turns in this one. 

Episode 4: The Annual Incriminate : It's a parody of "The Purge." But the Antonym of the Purge. This is where once a year prisoners are out of prison for one day for free when the good guys are in prison for one day for 12 hours. Either the villains do something good or back into their cell of torture. This irritates the Loonatics when their place is shut down in their home like prisoners. Ace comes up with a plan to bust out of their homes to try to capture the villains but the backfire of it was they get to treat the Loonatics as if their the bad guys so they run away scared instead of fighting and the anti police tries to capture the Loonatics. So there is no killing involve. This is different because what's different from the Purge is All crime is Illegal. While the movie The Purge and Anarchy it's legal. So I just wanted to do a parody of this and it does have some references of Sonic X when Eggman tries to act as the good guy when he blocked the Sun so h invents something to make everyone possessed and made Sonic as the bad guy when Sonic only wants to save the world when everyone is underestimating the understanding of Sonic's doings.    

Episode 5: Dark Secrets : Is where Duck makes a shocking discovery and it is threaten by force to join in side of Rocisuis to fetch him the wills if not his team will be at life risk. Although Duck is held prisoner for awhile and he didn't want to betray his team and those he loves but due to the threat he seemly takes the offer to protect his team although he would hate himself for this mistake. What will Duck do to pull out of it?

Episode 6: Attack Of The Martins : The sky is falling the sky is falling! Parody to World of Wars.

Episode 7: The Proposal : Ace is about to asked his dream girl of his life as his wife but is to nervous about it but through the help will he get his gal?

Episode 8: Resigned : In this one there was a lot issues with Lexi's family and a lot of doubts when towards the end Duck runs away and leaves the Loonatics for their safety and Lexi worries about Duck and towards the end she searches for him on her own.

Episode 9: Where's the Duck? : About couple weeks since Duck had disappeared and Lexi tells everyone she'll return with Duck. When she finds him she pleads him to come back to the Loonatics. Not knowing what Duck reasons are she tries to get him back which seemly he does. While that time Lexi confesses to Duck how she feels about him. Duck tries to hold in his feelings towards her and is afraid to reveal. Later he tells Lexi his secret and explains why he left. Lexi understands his actions and fights together to go home. 

Episode 10: The Frame for Who's to Blame? : Lexi and Duck returns home but something unexpected happens the police was waiting for Duck and arrests him for a crime he did not commit and it is thrown into prison. Then Duck had to face up with circumstances and asked questions and his reputation is at fate. Lexi gets kidnapped by the Jeremy's and Duck loses best friend and he mourns over it but he more worried about is Lexi. 

Episode 11-13 Lucky Duck (Season 2 finale) :

Part 1 (Episode 11) Ace's mother bails Duck out as long they promised to have him supervision and they will look for the real criminal who's responsible for framing and blaming all on Duck. Duck still is upset and hating himself. Ace is furious with Duck because of Duck working with the Jeremy's when Duck tries to explain to Ace. He wouldn't listen to him and tells Duck not to be part of the mafia baddies. When he tells Duck that he doesn't know if he would trust him it upsets Duck and he tells Ace out of how he feels and wanting to save Lexi and told Ace he's in love with his cousin and begs Ace to trust him. Duck tells Ace that he's like an older brother to Duck and he wouldn't have no intentions or no harm of hurting anyone. When he tries to get Ace to tell the truth Ace wouldn't tell him why he's been so dense over the years. When Duck runs off everyone was on Ace's case and tells him that he's abusing his own leadership. Shocked by this remark Ace walks into the room alone when his mother comes in and Ace emotionally tells his mother why he's been so thick headed because of fearing of losing someone they love (Reference to Granny Teresa.)  When after the conversation Ace went to apologize to Duck he was already gone. We see Toonatics at the end when one of their own almost falls and also has a new members of the gang.

Part 2 (Episode 12) Brom Rocisius younger brother who was the one who kidnaps Lexi. Duck finds and fights his way in to rescue his true love. He and Lexi tries to make for the escape but Brom has 'em cornered and trapped. As the Loonatics and Toonatics appears and fights with the Squeaker Demons it left Duck no choice but to fight Brom. Along the way later Duck gets impaled and now in life threat crisis when saving Lexi. Rev rushes him to see Roxy at the end.

Part 3 (Episode 13) Duck ends up dying and everyone is sadden. Ace hated himself for failing Duck and apologizing he shouldn't have been so hard on him. Brom shows up in victory and now Brom had made a big mistake. Now whoopin' sum asses began. While Tech and Roxy wanting to save Duck. Then Ace and Brom fought and Ace realizes he needs to do something right for once and starts being a good pro again although he is in raged and upset. Ace wins the battle. Duck's life they don't know his fate or life or death. 


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Twilight-Sparkle11 Featured By Owner 20 hours ago  New member Hobbyist Interface Designer
season 2 loonatics !!! OMG!!! yay!!!!Love Love Love Love Love Love 
LoonataniaTaushaMay Featured By Owner 12 hours ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
riRosa Featured By Owner 22 hours ago
I pray ur ok child I apologize for acting foolish
LoonataniaTaushaMay Featured By Owner 22 hours ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
It's ok
riRosa Featured By Owner 21 hours ago
Am happy just remember child this hard time is a test from god to your faith child be brave we all pray that ur ok  
LoonataniaTaushaMay Featured By Owner 21 hours ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
True :) Thanks 
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Twilight-Sparkle11 Featured By Owner 5 days ago  New member Hobbyist Interface Designer
is well with you cope with life, you have to be strong:] and you will see that everything will improve for the better:]
LoonataniaTaushaMay Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thanks :hug: Thanks I needed that :)
Twilight-Sparkle11 Featured By Owner 5 days ago  New member Hobbyist Interface Designer
you understand each person has a problem, I know it is difficult but you have to deal with life, she directs and together you decide what will be your next step.
Your new mobile site Lootania I like, I know it may be little but I'll go and watch galleries and comment because I really like doing it, you're writing with a lot of work and you have no time for anything quietly is patient
LoonataniaTaushaMay Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
That is really true. It just that I didn't understand why would someone would join and then changes their mind and be rude about it. I was to exhausted from working last night but I mean I do understand everyone has a problem. I usually defend for my artwork even at college I would defend my artwork from criticism and I like to computerize other than starting to argue because I don't like it. Although the one was rude I was still trying to say thank you for your short time and I'm sorry for your inconvenience and asked what I done wrong but no answer just told me see ya. So I did to make me feel better I deleted the messages so I wouldn't had to think about it and move on. I know it take s patience :)    
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