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Hey'ya girl! U awesome!
Thu Aug 14, 2014, 5:07 PM
Yah hooooooo
Fri Aug 1, 2014, 12:35 PM
hi Wha Zup Doc , :]
Sat Jul 26, 2014, 12:58 PM
Ev'ry put their hands up!!
Wed Jul 16, 2014, 2:52 PM
Tue Jul 15, 2014, 3:58 PM
Wha Zup Docs!!
Sun Jul 13, 2014, 10:44 PM





I have a new Facebook called Loonatania TaushieMay. So I have three Facebooks but now the their one it'll be used for friends on deviantarts or friends I have.I'm sick of when I post something on Facebook my family will take things the hard way and gets me upset. Well I added my brother the only acception. He usually gets my jokes. But I hate arguing or others arguing each other it makes me sad when I post something and it takes on a level that people hates each other and I try to talk things over to make things a healthy way. So if you like to join you can. Thanks.
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Law and Quack_Cover_Looney Tunes by LoonataniaTaushaMay
Law and Quack_Cover_Looney Tunes
Buddy Bunny: Lance Law (Law Australian Ranger.) 

Bailey Duck: George Quack /Stan Stud (Was a Lawyer now in under cover later Law Ranger himself.)

Penny Pig: Carly Carlos (Lances assistance/Sidekick.) 

Walter Bunny:  Lawrence Bunny (Lances grandfather/Guider.) 

Hayley Sky: Lily Wayne (Former villain/George's love interest.) 

Charlie Jr. : Poppers (Crazy pup/Chases mailmen/Dragging anyone who puts him on leach/Mischief.)

Introducing Guy Beater: Cloak man/Drake Sullivan (Sullivan/ Main villain.) 

Daffy: NOOOO Bugs, Bugs, Bugs!! Bailey and Lance and your dad in law in the show!! LOOK AT THE COMMERCIAL!! 

Bugs: Oh what fun... I wonder how lame tis is...

Movie Announcer: Coming this Spring... two unlikely pairs a Law Australian Ranger...

Buddy: What's up mate?

Movie Announcer: A Lawyer...

Bailey: Your objection your honor!! What is this hooligan doing in this court room?

Buddy: I have evidence Mr. Quack... Ha ha ha ha what a last name!! Ha ha ha ha!! (Quack noises.) Ha ha ha ha ha you crack me up!!

Judge: (Elmer Fudd. Slam the hammer.) ORDER IN THE COURT!! 

Buddy: Sorry...

Bailey: May I continue your honor?

Judge: You may proceed Mr. Quack.

Bailey: Thank you... (Grins at Lance and sticks out his tongue.)

Judge: (Slams the hammer.) MR.QUACK!!

Bailey: Oh yes your honor. 

Movie Announcer: Now... Mr. George Quack seems to be a total jerk and but was the best lawyer in all court hearings.)

Judge: I find the defendant not guilty I find the plaintiff guilty.

Buddy: Yes!!

Bailey: No not for you I won the case stupid.

Buddy: Well I help your defendant win.

Bailey: Thank you but you don't count...

Buddy: I work hard for tis!!

Bailey: SEE YA LATER MATE!! (Slams the door.)

Movie Announcer: Mr. Quack had everything he could ever dreamed of...

Bailey: Wow... thank you I leave you a tip.

Kid: But sir... this is a fake.

Bailey: Don't use that you'll get arrested. Don't spend it in one place. 

Movie Announcer: Lance Law lived in a city of Sydney, Australia where he's dealing problems on his own with his sidekick Carly Carlos.

Penny: Lance don't you get it!? Why do you drag me into this!? What if something ever happens to me?!

Buddy: I probably would be lost without you...

Penny: What??

Buddy: Ohh booy I meant it wouldn't be the same and here I go flushing down the drain... (Toilet impression.)

Penny: Ugh!! (Rolling her eyes.)

Movie Announcer: Them two against all odds wouldn't able to work together till one day...

(Suspense part when Bailey was going to his car but it explodes. Wakes up in the hospital.)

Bailey: Where am I?

Doctor: Someone tried to kill you. Your very lucky to be alive.


Buddy: Well actually mate all your limps are fine.


Buddy: Boy... You're sure quite not a morning person are ya?

Bailey: Oh gosh...

Sheriff: Well Mr. Quack as far as our concern you'll be put in a law protection in Lances Laws hands to go for a under cover to got to Australia as Stan Stud. You'll pretend to be dead...


Buddy: Oh yes yes yes yes buddy...

Bailey: Oh hell no..

Air attendant: Everyone welcome to Sydney, Australia...

Bailey: Ohhh booy... 

Buddy:(Into his house) Welcome to my home.

Bailey: Your house looks like a dump. 

Charlie Jr.: Arf ruff arf arf...

Buddy: Hi there buddy. Poppers tis is George.

Bailey: Get that damn dog away from me..

Buddy: Tis is my grandfather, Lawrence.

Walter: Hello mate welcome.

Bailey: So you live with grandaddy?? 

Buddy: Shut up. 

Movie Announcer: They have to work together as a team.

Buddy: Ok rules don't ever reveal your real name to anyone..

Bailey: I can deal my own problems laddie.

Buddy:Tat's mate. 

Bailey: Whatever...

Buddy: You're not working with me!!

Bailey: Well you are flipping confusing!!

Buddy: Kid use tis tone one more time I dare ya.

Bailey: Or do what?!

(Buddy drags Bailey into the pool.)


Buddy: Gee doc I only got 99 problems and your at least my 100 problems...

Bailey: Oh c'mon!

(Shows Hayley Sky with firecrackers behind her and Bailey is in love.)

Buddy: George you can't trust Lily she's my arch nemesis.

Bailey: You have an enemy?!

Buddy: No duh sherlock I got lots of them.

Hayley: (Coming from security camera.)  Hello Mr. Law .

Bailey: LILY!? You're a bad guy!? 

Buddy: I told ya...

Bailey: (Sexy voice) Well your a very baad giiirrl are ya? (Winks at her.)

Hayley: Ta ta fellas.

Movie Announcer: Order to work together they must trust each other.

Bailey: Is there something your not telling me??

Buddy: There is but you need to trust me!! 

(Buddy wraps Bailey with a bungie cord and tie themselves to the bridge.)

Bailey: Wait what are we doing? 

Buddy: Having fun so hang on tight!

Bailey: Lance this is crazy man don't do this!! 


Bailey: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!! (After the fun.) Wow that was freakin' AWESOME!!! I felt so ALIVE!

Buddy: Keep dreaming mate. 

Movie Announcer: Bad guys lurking.

Guy Beating: I am the Cloak man. I am for sure that Mr. George Quack is not dead. (Shows him spying on George and Lance going on the secret plane.) I want you fools to track these men down and kill them both. Mr. Quack will pay for having one of my good men in prison and I want the job done do you understand?

Guy 1: Yes Mr. Sullivan.

Guy 2: Yup... 

(While later.)

Guy 1: You idiot I told ya not to press tat button!!

Guy 2: Oh sorry boss you mean tat...

Guy 1: NOO!! 


Guy 2: Can I have candy now?

Guy 1: Aahhh Shut up!! 

Movie Announcer: What secrets are held. 

Bailey: I use to be in a military before I was a Lawyer...

Buddy: Why didn't ya tell me?

Bailey: (Looking down at Buddy's feet.)

Buddy: (Looks down.) Ohhh

Bailey: He's your dog.

Penny: Lance this was in the pass why can't you let this go?

Buddy: Sometimes when something traumatic things happens you can't seem to forget.. I'll find for who did tis who destroyed my family. (Shows a flash back has a child seeing dramatic scene.)

Walter: Lance if tis the path you'll chose they'll be consequences like what your parents suffer the same fate. I can't lose a grandson.

Buddy: Well I'm going to finish what dad wasn't able to finish.

Penny: Lance no!!

Movie Announcer: Love interest....

Hayley: Hello there big boy... 

Bailey: Hello paradise... 

(Love make out scene and Buddy comes walking in. Eyes pops out.) 

Buddy: GEORGE!!!

Bailey: What!! 

Hayley: So your name isn't Stan.

Bailey: No... 

Buddy: What the hell were ya thinking George now she might get involved!! You're gonna put others into danger!!  

Penny: What do you do with me I work with you all the time and I get involved. Cuz' of you I lost my boyfriend! 

Buddy: Sorry...

Penny: If anything why don't you get married to your job since your more caring for the job! 

Buddy: Carly wait a minute.... 

Bailey: Ha ha whoa mate reaal smoooth there. lol. Marry to your job.

Buddy: George!! If you involved everyone you might lose someone you care about!!

Bailey: Lance sorry!! 

Movie Announcer: Bad guys are lurking...

(Penny surrounded by villains.)

Guy Beaten: Where's Lance Law...

(Penny backing away.)

Movie Announcer: Sometimes interfering pays a price..

(Gun shot.)


Bailey: What are we going to do??

Buddy: (Sighs. looks at Carly in the hospital bed.) We?? Payback is what we'll do and if no one doesn't do something we will!  

Movie Announcer: From the producers of Warner Brothers proudly presents...

Charlie Jr. Arf arf arf!! 

Walter: C'mon Poppers I'm coming to take you for a walk. 

Mail man: Hi Mr. Law...

Charlie Jr. : Grrrrrrrrrr.

Movie Announcer: A Looney looney movie...

Walter: No Poppers stay boy... (Charlie starts running and dragging Walter.) BAAAAAAAAAAD DOOOOOOOOG LAAAAAAAAAAAAANCEEEEEEE!!

(Meanwhile inside.)

Penny:What was that??

Bailey: Well I'm not sure...

Buddy: Juz' ignore it.

(Outside you hear Walter screaming getting dragged across the line.)

Penny: Did you guys hear anything??

Bailey and Buddy: (Looks out the window.) Nah not a thing.

Movie Announcer: Law and Quack

Bailey: Ohhhh... (Lance smacks him.) Ow.

Buddy: Don't think about it...

Bailey: Aw man...


Daffy and Bugs: WHAT!?

Daffy: Tat movie was lame...

Bugs: Well interesting...

Daffy: I don't hardly understand the whole thing was it stupidly funny or suspense??

Bugs: I can't tell either... Let's see how the box office is. They can't certainly be better than us. 

Daffy: Of course with u two old timers why is there any competition?

(Months later.)


Bugs and Daffy: -_-'

Bugs: I guess they beat us...

Daffy: SHOW OFFS!! I'm sooo jealous now.

Tina: You should be happy with your son.

Lola: Oh Buddy I'm so proud of you.

Buddy: Uh mom we should get going 'cuz of fan girls...


All: AAAHHHHHH (Run away.) 



What drawing style for the Duck Dodgers I could do for animation film? 

3 deviants said My own Loonatania Style of Dodgers
1 deviant said Original by Chuck Jones
No deviants said Duck Dodgers Series from Warner Brothers


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Tausha May Bush
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
I'm a freeeaaak and obsessed with Cartoons are ya feeling me? I love the Looney Tunes, Loonatics, Disney, Hanna - Barbara's, Chuck Jones cartoons and even ANIME or MANGA!! You juz' name it!!

Despite of my Dark past as a child was never as perfect as you ya'll think. I came from a broken family with nothing but abuse and the left out of the family who has nothing to do with ya. You feel like you're invisible that you talk to your imaginary friend or stuff animal although they won't talk back at ya. That's what my childhood was like not feeling the love that I was a rotten little kid. I wasn't a bad little kid I was raised that way and being forced to work at a young age. Don't hardly see my biological father around. And mom and dad both have two different stories telling me why they were separated but for some reason I didn't believe on either and thinking that I will never find the truth. Right after my horrific experience as a young pre teen to a young teenager, I went through depression and caused myself to have a eating disorder either starving or making myself sick. I've been abuse as a little girl. I was raped in such a young age of 12 - 13 years old. At one point in my young life going through the emotions and being bullied and rumors about me in Middle School and horror at home where no one believed me except for my brother. One night I had thoughts of committing suicide because of what I was put through and I couldn't take the pain anymore. Then that same night I realized I can't end my life. So I ran away instead to get away from danger which someway it worked because after I was takin' from my mother she some what realized that she should of been a better mother to take care of my siblings and I. Since I was so so overprotective of my siblings I never wanted them to feel the same pain like I had. I wanted to protect them. Sooner or later I was sent home with my mother. I had grew up with mother for close to 21 years and finally I'm on my own living a new life and happy. I graduated from High School in 2011. I go to College. As for me watching cartoons for 21 years of my life is what kept me alive. They're wicked funny and that's what makes me happy. Now I want to be a cartoonist also and hopefully who needs a help in need. I am there or always tell someone if there's something wrong just please... Don't hurt yourself or kill yourself. You do have others out there who loves you. I get sad now a days about others killing or hurting themselves 'cuz of this. So please get help or look up to someone who cares for you! Thanks :D

Journal History

I have a new Facebook called Loonatania TaushieMay. So I have three Facebooks but now the their one it'll be used for friends on deviantarts or friends I have.I'm sick of when I post something on Facebook my family will take things the hard way and gets me upset. Well I added my brother the only acception. He usually gets my jokes. But I hate arguing or others arguing each other it makes me sad when I post something and it takes on a level that people hates each other and I try to talk things over to make things a healthy way. So if you like to join you can. Thanks.
  • Mood: Sympathy
  • Listening to: wreaking ball
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